Sit-down Comedy by Malcolm Hardee and John Fleming (eds)

Sit-down Comedy

Malcolm Hardee and John Fleming (eds)

Funny, sad, weird and wonderful short stories by stand-up comedians. Some better than others but an enjoyable read and a good book to dip into.

I know the word you're thinking because I've been called it before. It's a three-letter word that begins with 'o' and ends with double 'd'. If I'm odd what does that make you? That's right I don't know because I know nothing about you. But you know a little about me, don't you? I'm Urgle Protap and I live in Little Pitty with my African Weasels and a triangular lawn underneath which is a bunker the size of a football stadium where I spend most days working on construction of a 300 metre hydraulic arm.
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