The Girl Who Was Going to Die by Glyn Maxwell

The Girl Who Was Going to Die

Glyn Maxwell

Life-changing events can be around the corner for all of us - Suse simply shed a tear and a media frenzy began, propelling her into a life she neither wanted or was prepared for. Written soley in dialogue, do give yourself time to tune in because it's amusing, perceptive, thought-provoking – and begs the question: do you really know who your true friends are?

Anything could happen now Suse! You could become friends with him, the mystery person, we both could even, and I don't have any problem with that actually.
Suse. Susan.
I won't do what's expected. I can't. You know why.
I think Suse, I think this is bigger than that.
Bigger than being told I'll die Min.
You have your own show, Suse, your own segment in Drop Dead Gorgeous. I have a section in your segment called With Friends Like That. Ed asks me questions about you, your secret hopes and fears.
That I won't die. That I will die. Tell him.
It's not that kind of show, Suse. It's entertainment and it's life-affirming. People want to see you with this mystery person. Not in a relationship, no, definitely not. Ed and I talked about that and it's no way, it wouldn't work.
It's not life-affirming.
No it just wouldn't work. I'm thinking very much of, you could be friends with him and we'd hang out with him maybe as a threesome but not in any sense of, you know, he's a very moral person. He's a star, he's been through a lot. That court case, but he didn't do it.
I thought he was supposed to be a secret.
Oh, yes . . . no he is, he's a mystery, he's totally mystical. He may not have been through much at all, and no court case, and maybe he did do it. I was just saying.
Is he a tall dark stranger.
Is he a tall dark stranger.
Is he.
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