To the Island by Meaghan Delahunt

To the Island

Meaghan Delahunt

Lena, an ex-dancer in mid-life crisis, travels to Naxos with her son in search of her real father. Be captivated by the adorable little boy, Alex, and evocative scenes of rural island life, but forget all images of carefree holidays by a gently lapping sea. Instead prepare yourself for complex, sometimes dark, relationships as Lena begins to unravel the grim secrets of her father's life during the 1960's Greek military junta. Utterly compelling.

You don't have to, said Lena.
I want to, said Andreas. Lena walked back to the table. Alex gazed at the cakes, so many of them, so many unfamiliar words, and ran back to his mother and put his arms around her neck, aware of the strain on the new grandfather's face. There are too many, said Alex. Andreas tapped out another cigarette. He was about to get up and buy the child something then changed his mind. There was something he needed to tell the girl. He lit the cigarette then turned back to Lena: I never loved your mother.
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