I am the Brother of XX by Fleur Jaeggy

I am the Brother of XX

Fleur Jaeggy

This collection of dark short stories deal with everything from murder and loss to authors and insanity. Many of the sentences are stark, simple statements, and each story is only a few pages long, which may come as a relief to some readers! It is quite a harsh and difficult style to read, yet there were the odd flashes of evocative description. I felt it was more of a reading experience than a pleasure, but it was thought provoking!

Let me go or I’ll kill you, is what she told me shortly before getting married. That ‘let me go’ offended me. The ‘I’ll kill you’ part filled me with joy. When I was designing her dress it was like drawing a tattoo on her skin. The sheets of paper were her skin. And when she left I was relieved. The relief on might feel in having been abandoned.
  • Oblivion by David Foster Wallace
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