High Risk by Matt Dickinson

High Risk

Matt Dickinson

The violence in this book takes the form of the power of nature and the havoc it can cause. The aftermath of avalanches in Alaska and storms on Everest bring Hal and Josie together. Both are victims of other people's obsessions with Everest and despite themselves they are drawn towards the mountain. The author has been to the summit himself and makes non-climbing readers share the fascination, drama, excitement and danger of such a climb.

Sebastian lay on Everest's summit ridge, locked in a state somewhere between confusion and terror, with the wind-blown figure of Rick huddled next to him. They were buried in fast-drifting snow.

They were out of oxygen, out of fluid, two insignificant specks of barely functioning life in the vastness of an unseen terrain.

The storm had not stopped .... The conditions were beyond Sebastian's imagination. He was in a state of shock.

He tried to focus, a niggling pulse of life force telling him that if he let his mind drift away he would be finished.

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