The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi

The Quantum Thief

Hannu Rajaniemi

The plot of this novel is highly involved and really grabs the imagination.
The real joy is in the characters. Whether they are human, subhuman, post human, robots, machines, computers or space ships, they are all entertaining and engage the readers feelings more than is usually the case with Science Fiction novels. A good place to start if you are a novice SF reader.


Invisible and inaudible to all, the King walks through the throng of aliens: Realm avatars, scrawny Belt people in their medusa-like exoskeletons, flittering Quick Ones, Saturnian zoku folk in baseline bodies. He stops by a statue of the Duke of Ophir and looks up past the cracked features, defiled by the Revolutionaries. He can see the beanstalk through the dome high above, an impossible line shooting up at the rust coloured sky, a pit of vertigo if you try to follow it with your gaze. Nausea assaults him: the compulsion implanted in him by rough hands centuries ago is still there. You belong to Mars, it says. You will never leave.

  • The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross
  • Archrorm: Beauty by L E Modesitt

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