Making Love by Marius Brill

Making Love

Marius Brill

When Miranda steals a book from Shepherd's Bush Library little does she realise the consequences of her actions. The book has a hidden secret that some people will go to great lengths to conceal. This is no ordinary book - it literally has a mind of its own, and it falls desperately in love with Miranda. I really enjoyed this novel within a novel. It is fast paced, full of human perception and very funny.

... how could I, a pile of pulp, compete? Narrative is one thing but men have their functions. I would not pretend to be able to change a plug or even a light bulb. I could not leave the toilet seat up and shaving hairs in the sink. I could not belch in bed or grunt through sex 1.8 times a week. Yes, I wanted to satisfy Miranda like only I could. Yes, I wanted her exclusively, and yes, I wanted her attention, but mainly her time. Time to read me. Time she kept with her heart. And all that time she spent dressing up, making up, revving up, for 'men'....

Jealous. Pah. They were all idiots and wouldn't know the first thing about giving Miranda what she really needed. I was the only one who really cared. And I was never jealous. Never seething and furious when some smooth shit found his way into her ....

Maybe I doth protest too much.

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