Daniel O'Thunder by Ian Weir

Daniel O'Thunder

Ian Weir

What a brilliant tale – I was so sure I knew where this was going and then I was amazed as the story turned inside out. This is so funny at times but also very moving. And for once the device of telling the story from several different viewpoints worked as I empathised with each of the characters in turn.

With five guineas in my hand I could leave this hole. With five guineas every week, I could be someone different completely. I could have my own rooms, and a servant. I could have a carriage. There were girls all over Mayfair, set up like ladies, cos they had a gentleman who would give them five guineas a week.
He smiled a little, as if he'd seen the thought cross my mind.
Oh, Christ - but not five guineas from this one. Not five hundred guineas, if it had to come from this one.
'What would you want,' I heard myself asking, 'for five guineas?' ...
'I think what I want most of all,' he said finally, 'is for someone to die.'
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