Terra by Mitch Benn


Mitch Benn

If you can get past the fact that one of the main characters is called Lbbp who lives on Fnnr then I promise you’ll enjoy this funny, heart-warming sci-fi story. I was surprised by how easy it was to read, in spite of the unusual ‘alien’ words! It is by turns ridiculous, imaginative, sweet and thought-provoking, a great read for children and grown ups.

The movement of the crowd had revealed strange symbols, freshly carved into the white paving stones. The FaZoon had given the Mlmlns a gift of knowledge after all. Vstj, who had been slumped despairingly on the steps, leapt to his feet.
-Where is it? Where? Out of the way, let me see ...
Vstj stared at the symbols. He produced his slate from under his robe and began translating.
- Two whole pt-ssh ... one fnj, chopped...one ch-fsh leaf, one pinch vshk …
Vstj sat down on the steps.
- It’s soup. They’ve given us a recipe for soup.
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