Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson

Before I Go To Sleep

S J Watson

We all have moments of disorientation, and anxiety when we briefly forget something. Image the premise of waking up each morning with your memory erased; not even recognising your partner lying asleep next to you. This dark psychological drama is a gripping, tension-fuelled page turner. Although by nature a repetitive storyline, the sinister undertones will keep you enthralled.

This evening I tested my husband. I didn’t want to, didn’t even plan to, but I had spent the whole day worrying. Why had he lied to me? Why? And does he lie to me every day? Is there only one version of the past that he tells me, or several? I need to trust him, I thought. I have no one else.
We were eating lamb; a cheap joint, fatty and overcooked. I was pushing the same forkful around my plate, dipping it in gravy, bring it to my mouth, putting it down again.
‘How did I get to be like this?’ I asked.
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