Isabel's Skin by Peter Benson

Isabel's Skin

Peter Benson

A quiet London book-valuer visits rural Somerset, and makes a nightmarish discovery that immediately alters his life. This is a quirky, psychological, gothic novel that has enough suspense to make your skin crawl, although unusually short for this descriptive style of genre.

'Then we leave now,' I said, and I stepped out of the house. I stood in the shadow of the back door, looked both ways and beckoned her out. At first she would not move and stood absolutely still, watching the clouds. Her face looked out from under the cowl like something from the very worst dream, a dream a madman might have in the desperate last minutes of night, before the dawn comes and breaks the spell and chases all madness away. But do not stay, madness. Fly away. Leave. I wanted to shout at her but went back instead, took her arm and pulled her away from the house.
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