The Limits of the World by Andrew Raymond Drennan

The Limits of the World

Andrew Raymond Drennan

This is a truly scary book, but it is one that offers a glimmer of hope because people are prepared to defy a totalitarian state for the pleasure of reading. You may think that you know what is going to happen because of the references to '1984' but you will be surprised. This is an adventure story with a bite, a tale of political morality that cuts deep into your soul. Andrew Raymond Drennan is definitely an author to follow.

Ben leaned forward, deconstructing all the edits. 'I love how they found an American ship in their territorial waters and just happened to have a film crew onboard. Finding this boat is the best PR exercise that ever fell into their lap. They used to set up fake press conferences with the crew that had been rehearsed for weeks before. They'd get the crew to write letters home saying they were enjoying their stay, but the letters would mention events in America that had never occurred, like "It reminds me of the time that President Kennedy played for the Boston Celtics".'
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