Lightborn by Tricia Sullivan


Tricia Sullivan

Teenagers are left to cope in the fallout from bad 'shine' which has adversely affected the whole adult population in a futuristic city. Hopi wise-woman, Powaqa and assorted refugees survive at a rural ranch, where old lore is used alongside the revolutionary new technology. Compelling and often exciting post-apocalyptic fiction but for me it poses more questions than it answers. Definite youth appeal – perhaps I’m feeling my age.

Xavier shook his head. He was getting very fucking sick of always being treated like a kid who didn't deserve to know shit. He was itching to find out more about John Doe's feedback lights, to ask the guy what he knew about the Field - to find out what had brought him out of Los Sombres so suddenly, after all that time. Xavier felt sure that John Doe's arrival coinciding with the Silver Brush missile strikes was no accident. Had John Doe known the attack was coming?
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