The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver

The Lacuna

Barbara Kingsolver

Shepherd's Mexican mother leaves his American father and returns to her homeland with her somewhat neglected son. Through his diaries and letters we learn of his sad but colourful life, touched by historic figures and world events. This novel was a joy to read, especially the years spent in Mexico with Kahlo, Rivera and Trotsky.

29 September
Today at the market, a fantastical sight. A servant girl with a birdcage on her back, full of birds. She wore her blue shawl wrapped around the cage and tied in front to hold it. The willow cage must have been very light because she was not bent over, yet it towered over her head, with turrets like a Japanese pagoda. And full of birds: green and yellow, flapping about like dreams trying to escape from a skull. She looked like an angel moving down the rows following her mistress, looking at no one.
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