Diamond Star Halo by Tiffany Murray

Diamond Star Halo

Tiffany Murray

Musicians flock to the Welsh idyll that is Rock Farm, laying down tracks at the farm’s studio. Halo Llewellyn heads a cast of colourful characters, and with a heroine called Halo, this novel was never going to be conventional. I was seduced by the rock and roll lifestyle of the Llewellyn’s, falling headfirst into Halo’s story and travelling alongside her on her journey from childhood to maturity.

We were sitting in the back, me sandwiched between the softness of Nana Lew and Vince. They felt so similar either side of me. Mum sat regally in the front and Dad, my beloved dad, winked at me in the mirror. Nana Lew wore her backstage passes round her neck like diamonds.
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