Night Watch by Malin Lindroth

Night Watch

Malin Lindroth

Let yourself be carried away by the voice of the narrator, don't try to look for explanations or meanings, these will come later. This is a book you have to pick up again after you've finished to reread scenes to check the details. It's rather like hearing someone tell a long and harrowing story, you're fascinated at the time but later all kinds of little doubts and misgivings creep into your mind.

I've put the woman's jacket on. I felt a bit cold and there was nothing else. It was lying so conveniently, in the middle of the floor. How did it get there? It had been in the wardrobe, on a coathanger if I remember rightly. I must have pulled it out after me when I was searching for sweets some time ago. This was not good, of course. If anyone were to come in and see me wearing the woman's jacket, I'd be in trouble. I know and even so I'm sitting here chewing away at the hood cord. It's a cheap jacket.
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