According to Mary Magdalene by Marianne Fredriksson

According to Mary Magdalene

Marianne Fredriksson

I enjoyed this book. Mary Magdalene is a shadowy figure in the gospels but this story brought her and the other women who knew Jesus, to life. The novel highlights the role played by the women who continued Christ's teaching after his death. A gentle read which offers alternatives to the traditional views of the time.

Jesus had said that. The gentle Levi had said those words. Why had she forgotten them?

Mary's heart filled with pride, and she went out into the garden to delight in every flower.

What was it Jesus had seen in her?

She knew that the tremendous question of just who he was would never be answered. All she could do was to give her testimony on what was incomprehensible insofar as she had understood it. But to do that, she first had to know who she herself was. She would take Leonidas' advice and start from the beginning.

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