Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll

Black Swan Rising

Lee Carroll

In present-day New York, ancient forces vie for power. Enters a young woman who discovers she has responsibility for saving the human race. What is different about this standard urban fantasy plot is how real Garet's shifting emotions are: from rejection of the supernatural around her to fear of her new-found powers and finally, gutsy acceptance. You'll be rooting for her in no time!

After we'd gone a few yards down the dark path, I could see perfectly well. It was not, though, as if my eyes had grown accustomed to the dark; it was rather as if the dark had grown accustomed to me. With each step the dark opened itself up to me, letting me into its secrets. Colors I had never before seen unfolded in the darkest shadows: deep indigos and violets, hidden cores of tender lilac and pale pink. As we walked deeper into the park, the shadows unfurled like buds opening in the sunlight, only here they were reaching for the dark. Out of these knots of inky black unrolled cascades of gold and silver that grew to waves of lights swirling around us that seemed to push us forward like gusts of wind. And yet I felt no cold and no fear, only an overwhelming sense of wonder. I looked at Will Hughes and saw that his eyes glowed like twin silver starts in the roiling darkness.
'How am I seeing this?' I asked. 'Have you done this to me?'
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