The Stockholm Octavo by Karen Engelmann

The Stockholm Octavo

Karen Engelmann

Cartomancy, alchemy and numerology are the esoteric ingredients in this tale of an opportunist’s pursuit of his destiny, against the backdrop of court intrigue and conspiracy in 18th century Sweden. Immaculate period detail and a cast of fascinating characters bring the era to life and capture the reader's attention with this invitation to delve into the arcane world of the occult.

'I have come to believe that we are ruled by numbers, Mr. Larsson. I believe that God is no father, but an infinite cypher, and that is expressed in the eight .... Eight is the ancient symbol of Eternity Resting, it is the sign that mathematicians call the lemniscate. Raised upright it is man destined to fall into infinity again. There is a mathematical expression of this philosophy called the Divine Geometry.'
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