The Pirate's Daughter by Margaret Cezair-Thompson

The Pirate's Daughter

Margaret Cezair-Thompson

All the passion, heat and colour of a swashbuckling saga await you within the pages of this novel. Set in the tropical paradise of Jamaica, this is romantic escapism with a satisfying filling of history and evocative atmosphere.

'You know what it feels like, what it means to be an outside child .... But your father was there. It's different for me. All my life. Outside. That means I don't belong anywhere - ' ' thought it meant you're not shut in. Really, May, stop feelin' so sorry for you'self. You know what? We wouldn't have a country or history if it wasn't for so-called bastards. From way back we mix-matchin' black, white, Chinese, Syrian, and every blinkin' race. And it hasn't ruined us, far from it.'
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