Tales from the Mall by Ewan Morrison

Tales from the Mall

Ewan Morrison

This is where we live. In the Mall. Recognise it. Enjoy yourself. Be anarchic. Cause chaos. Exaggerate. But most of all, go shopping. Because that is the purpose of the Mall. It is why they are built. It is what they encourage us to do. Ewan Morrison's book uncovers all of this in a mind-boggling virtuoso narrative of extraordinary power and understanding. This book is not to be missed.

As she took the escalator, she sensed that the hundreds around her were staring. Pizza Express seemed a disappointment in advance, and there was no one who looked like a Max standing outside. What of he spotted her and didn't fancy her? She was early. She should have been late, and less eager, less visibly eager. She was worried about the Victoria's Secret Bag.
She decided to walk past, do a detour, ditch the bag and do a second pass. What if he was that fat man drinking red wine alone in there?
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