Amande's Bed by John Aberdein

Amande's Bed

John Aberdein

The author switches effortlessly between elegaic decription, black humour and Aberdonian dialect of the 1950s (this becomes an easier read if you already speak it) when telling the story of Peem's eleven plus year and of much more beside. Highly recommended as a great coming of age read and a real picture of a community.


- O, Annie ye're aye the one for the questions, aren't ye? Just the usual. Aa the stuffie tae mak the fairmer's neeps an oats an tatties grpw fine an big, ye ken.
- Whatten stuffie?
-Superphosphate, high nitrogen the stuff we mak at the works.
- An sulphuric acid - said Peem

  • It's Colours They Are Fine by Alan Spence
  • Purely Belter by Jonathan Tulloch

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