Guarding Maggie by Ellen McCarthy

Guarding Maggie

Ellen McCarthy

This book led me up the garden path of a family saga through the emotional ups and downs of a misery memoir and finally knocked on the front door of Miss Marple's cottage! The suspense in this poignant whodunnit adds an exciting sparkle for any hardy saga fan and lays down the gauntlet to the detective in all of us!


He had an intense gaze and Maggie found herself blushing. Being sixty years old, this wasn't something she experienced often.
'Are you Maggie?'
She nodded.
'My name is Michael.'
He walked towards her and extended his right hand. Maggie wiped her buttery hands in embarassment on the front of her apron. Then she took his hand in her own trembling one. She had to pull her hand away as he held on, looking into her eyes.

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