Spirit by Gwyneth Jones


Gwyneth Jones

This begins excellently - intriguingly plotted and well written . Then it suddenly becomes personal. I fought alongside Bibi every step of the way. I wanted revenge more than she did - and just couldn't put the book down.


'Then you will have to take the hard way out of the place you are in,' she said. 'You must forbid the hateful images to possess you. You'll have to take control of your own mind, Bibi. We all have the ability to do that, without any outside aid, but few have the need or the courage to achieve the task. One must have a compelling reason.' The General's wife took the little girl's hands. 'Believe me, this is the greatest secret I know. Rule your own mind, and you may rule the world. Far more important, you will be happy, no matter what comes. And happiness is all that matters, in the end.'

  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas
  • The Aleutian Trilogy by Gwyneth Jones
  • Siberia by Ann Halam

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