A is for Angelica by Iain Broome

A is for Angelica

Iain Broome

The main character, Gordon, unbeknown to everyone, is looking after his wife who has suffered another stroke. The unexpected, often uncomfortable events which follow and the awkward relationships he has with all around him are told with humour, which is ultimately both tragic and dark. His obsessive recording of details and inability to recognise other people's point of view makes it an unsettling, yet compelling read.

I watch the handle turning. There's no need to panic. The door is locked. She'll have to wait outside. I'll ignore her.... The door's opening. I didn't lock it. I came back from the bathroom, made my bed and fell asleep. She's coming in. This is what I wanted. She can help us... Angelica steps into the room. She is holding a plastic tray with tea and toast. Breakast with Angelica. She looks at me, then at Georgina. Her mouth falls open in horror. The tray slides out of her hands. It crashes to the floor.
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