Wrinkles by Paco Roca


Paco Roca

Ernest is suffering from the first stages of Alzheimer's Disease. His son puts him in what Dame Edna Everage calls 'a maximum security twilight home'. Ernest decides to escape and persuades some of his friends, in various stages of dementia, to join him. This is a wonderfully sympathetic, beautifully drawn graphic novel about the trials and tribulations of old age. And why would you not want an adventure on the Orient Express?


'She was a squatter. The building where she lived collapsed on her and she became quadriplegic. No one claimed her so she was sent here.'
'Who are you looking at, assholes?'
' ... Different must be different ...'
"'Let's leave.'
'I am not going to end up there Emile. I will do everything possible to not end up there. Will you help me?'

  • Last Bus to Coffeeville by Henderson, Paul J
  • Old Men in Love by Alasdair Gray
  • Don Quixote by Miguel de Cetvantes

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