Days of the Bagnold Summer by Joff Winterhart

Days of the Bagnold Summer

Joff Winterhart

This graphic novel tells the story of 15-year old Daniel and his single mum Sue and follows their day-to-day existence during one long summer school holiday spent at home. The sharply observed dialogue and hugely expressive drawings made me smile with recognition as well as cringing at the awkward things both adults and teenagers say and do. A poignant, perceptive read.


This is Maisie the Bagnold's dog. She is an 11 yr old Labrador. They got her when Daniel was 4, shortly after his father left for the USA.

For a long time, Daniel and Maisie were devoted to each other, inseparable ...

... even to the extent Sue had to find a 'pet-friendly' photographer because Daniel insisted on Maisie being included in their family portrait...

For the last few years though Maisie has been increasingly ignored by Daniel ...

... unless she is particularly flatulent.

Nowadays it is Sue who will walk Maisie; just how often depends on a wavering commitment to her keep-fit regime ...

Does Maisie notice those times Daniel and Sue yell at each other and slam doors? when Daniel's face goes red and his voice becomes hoarse from shouting and Sue will end up crying ...

... or how after one of these rows, Sue will always feed her more treats than usual? ...

... Hence her ever-widening girth.

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