A Long Time Dead by Joe Pemberton

A Long Time Dead

Joe Pemberton

I didn't think I'd have any words left to express how I felt after I'd finished this book because the author had used them all! Don't get me wrong, it's not a long book, but he's packed it with the minutiae of the numerous characters' lives. I recommend you read it at one sitting because you could easily forget who everyone is. This is definitely a book full of gritty realism but also of great humour.

Dallas, or was it Dynasty or Knots Landing, for the life of me I can't tell the difference, all them shoulder pads, you could breed chickens in them if you'd a mind to. Now there's a thing, that American football lark, what's that about when it's at home? All that grunting and grinding, it's like one of them porno movies, not that I'm into that kind of thing meself. Still, if it keeps the marriage going then who am I to argue? It's good when both of you can share the same interests like, you'll know soon enough. What you're not courting?
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