Assembly by  Natasha Brown


Natasha Brown

Prepare yourself for a powerful and philosophical read with a fusion of narrative styles. Addressing identity, gender, race and class, it explores too how the ghost of Empire still haunts Britain and the impact this has on the life of a high-achieving black woman. Despite its brevity, this is a book which speaks volumes, easily read in one sitting and perhaps the better for it.


I understand what this weekend means. Pulling back the curtain, he's invited me to the chambers beyond.  It's not acceptance, not yet. It's just a step further, closer. I must learn to navigate it. Through him, and Rach, I study this cultural capital. I learn what I'm meant to do. How I'm meant to live. What I'm supposed to enjoy. I watch, I emulate. It takes practice and an understanding of what's out of reach. What I can't pull off.

Born here, parents born here, always lived here - still never from here. Their culture becomes parody on my body.

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