Recursion by  Blake Crouch


Blake Crouch

If you could change your past, would you? That's the question at the heart of this rip-roaring speculative novel exploring memory, grief, consequences and death. Just when you think you have a grip on the story it suddenly confounds as you hurtle towards another disaster, leaving you wondering just how are the characters going to escape. A breathless and breath-taking read that will have you racing through the pages.


It is the lonely hour of the night, one with which he is all too familiar - when the city sleeps but you don't, and all the regrets of your life rage in your mind with an unbearable intensity.

Thinking about his father who died when he was young, and the enduring question - Did he know that I loved him?

And Meghan. Always Meghan.

When his daughter was a little girl, she was convinced a monster lived in the hope chest at the foot of her bed. It never crossed her mind in the daylight, but the moment the sun went down and he had tucked her in for the night, she would inevitably call out for him. And he'd hurry to her room and kneel beside her bed and remind her that everything seems scarier at night. It's just an illusion. A trick the darkness plays on us.

How strange then, decades later and his life so far off the course he charted, to find himself alone on a couch in a friend's apartment, attempting to assuage his fears with the same logic he used on his child all those years ago.

Everything will look better in the morning.

There will be hope again when the light returns.

The despair is only an illusion, a trick the darkness plays.

And he shuts his eyes and comforts himself with the memory of the camping trip to Lake Tear of the Clouds. To that perfect moment.

In it, the stars were shining.

He'd stay there forever if he could.

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