Clueless Dogs by Rhian Edwards

Clueless Dogs

Rhian Edwards

Zipping along with a vivid combination that both marries acerbic wit with tender honesty these poems feel constantly fresh and engaging. Writing about experience, relationships and about growing up you cannot help but feel that at times these poems reflect your own experiences or memories.


I'm sketching his sound;
a motorbike's rumble
or the cartoon voice
of an elderly sheepdog.
The Welshman who couldn't sing,
who could massacre a funeral hymn
with a throatful of catarrh
and a hiccup-spit of words,
a never-ending baffle
to the women of his making.

From The Welshman Who Couldn't Sing

  • Submarine by Joe Dunthorne
  • Nowhere's Far by Phil Bowen

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