1914: A Novel by Jean Echenoz

1914: A Novel

Jean Echenoz

Matter-of-fact and detached, this is the story of five young men who went to war. Sometimes funny, sometimes horrific but always disturbing, it would be a perfect counterweight to the lyrical Birdsong.


It was shortly after encountering this battlefront echo that the troop was suddenly sent right into the line of fire, in some foothills a little beyond the Belgian village of Maissin. Now there was no other option: that's when they really understood they had to fight, had to go into battle for the first time, but until a shell actually landed near him, Anthime had not truly believed it. Once compelled to believe it, he discovered that everything he carried had grown heavier: knapsack, weapons, even the signet ring on his little finger, which was now deadweight and had no power to prevent the return, more painful than ever, of the ache in his wrist.

  • A Month in the Country by J L Carr
  • To the Slaughterhouse by Jean Giono
  • A Very Long Engagement by Sebastien Japrisot

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