Bumping by Tony Bianchi


Tony Bianchi

What is it that links an old Californian ladybird miner, a lock-picking teenager, a commuter who bumps into an old school adversary, a mum obsessed by Relocation, Relocation and number 17 Coble Court, Newcastle? Three separate stories interweave to reveal unexpected and catastrophic connections between seemingly unrelated people. Drenched in Tyneside atmosphere it will appeal to sharp-eyed readers adept at spotting clues and joining the dots.

'Mam, Jessica called us a fat slag today.'
She's not listenin. Cos she's lookin at these pictures of houses on the computer. Sayin 'Mm' and 'Ooh' like as if she's stuffin pieces of chocolate into her gob.
'Mam, she called us a fat slag.'
And what does she say? She says I'm fourteen now and I've got to live with it. And what does that mean? Did I miss summick? Eh? Did summick happen on me fourteenth birthday and nobody told us? A law was passed that any old bitch like Jessica could call us what she liked and it'd be alright, cos I was fourteen? I'm fourteen. I've got to live with it. That's what me mam says. And goes back to her pictures.
'Live with what?' I say. 'Bein called a fat slag? Or bein a fat slag?'
And she looks us up and down, like she just can't decide if I'm a fat slag or not, like she's only just set eyes on us, like I'm a total stranger.
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