Thursbitch by Alan Garner


Alan Garner

I really struggled with the language at first (and all the drinking of their own urine!). I kind of muddled through it, and ended up thoroughly enjoying it - very atmospheric and I imagine very Alan Garnery (having only read The Owl Service).


He spoke to Throon.

'O white Bull. O noble Bull. O bonny Bull, as lives on hill tops. O striding Bull, as lives on hill tops. O Bull, as in whose highmost step drops honey. Lord over all as close the eye. Say now what must be done, sin you can do owt. Yet don't you sneap them as can't know. It's on me, not them. Anyroad, that's it.'

He waited. The stone of Bully Thrumble grew cold and dry to his hand, but alive. He stood against it. There was rustling in the grass and in the reeds. Each one sound was small, but there were so many that he heard them as a great wind with no breath. He looked, and all the earth heaved with snakes coming from Pearly Meg's. They came to him, and he did not shift, but turned his eyes towards Thoon.

  • Ulverton by Adam Thorpe
  • The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin

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