Not Working by Lisa Owens

Not Working

Lisa Owens

The fragmented narrative of this amusing novel makes for a quick and easy read. As a character Claire Flannery really tried my patience, but her social observations are so sharp and witty - as good as any I've heard on Live at the Apollo - someone get this girl an agent! Undoubtedly the book shares much in common with others classed as chick-lit, however beneath the breezy chattiness, there's something with a little more substance.


Today's mid-afternoon game-show contestants include a marketing executive for a Web development company, a business analyst for a stockbroker, a body-combat teacher and a statistician for the pharmaceutical industry. So by the end of the episode I've learned not only the capital of Lesotho (Maseru) and the key ingredient in a sidecar (cognac), but also the existence of four more career paths I don't think I want to pursue.
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