A Map of Tulsa by Benjamin Lytal

A Map of Tulsa

Benjamin Lytal

A very atmospheric novel where the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, becomes a third party in the teenage relationship of a college student and a rich, artistic drop out. I liked the style of the writing but felt the author was trying a little too hard in places and sometimes I struggled with the meaning of the sentences. However, if you like a novel where a lot goes on in the hero's head, you will enjoy this debut.

'I took that lighter that weekend and I set fire to my aunt's garage. I burned it down to the ground.' ... 'I had a cordless phone too, in my hand, to call 911 if the fire spread. And I wanted to call, you know. I wanted them to stop it. But I had to stick to my plan. I had to watch that garage burn down to the ground. It was mine; I was only seven years old but I knew, I knew then, that nothing was going to feel that big again.' She looked at me appraisingly. 'I've always wanted to get that feeling back again.'
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