The Missing Head of Damasceno Monteiro by Antonio Tabucchi

The Missing Head of Damasceno Monteiro

Antonio Tabucchi

The main character in this novel is laid back, almost to the point of being horizontal, but he still has an endearing quality. Set in Oporto, a journalist is sent to cover a grisly murder for his tabloid newspaper. However, he helps to solve the case with a local lawyer and other dubious characters.

Using his stick he continued his inspection with calm and with caution, as if afraid of hurting that body lying belly upwards in the bushes. He reached the neck, at which point he could go no further. Because the body had no head. There was a clean cut which had caused little bleeding, just a few dark clots on which the flies were buzzing. Manolo withdrew his stick and allowed the bushes to cover the pathetic object.
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