Red Clocks by Leni Zumas

Red Clocks

Leni Zumas

I loved this book as I slowly gathered details and links between four women who are brought together in a futuristic state of America where abortion is illegal, IVF banned and only two parents can adopt. A really clever book with strong characters which kept me hooked.

Two years ago the United States Congress ratified the Personhood Amendment, which gives the constitutional right to life, liberty and property to a fertilised egg from the moment of conception. Abortion is now illegal in all fifty states. Abortion providers can be charged with second-degree murder, abortion seekers with conspiracy to commit murder. In vitro fertilisation too, is federally banned, because the amendment outlaws the transfer of embryos from laboratory to uterus ... She was placed on the adoption wait list 3 years ago ... she thought a foster placement, at least, would come through; and if things went well, that could lead to adoption. Then the new president moved into the White House. The Personhood Amendment happened. One of the ripples in its wake: Public Law 116-72. ... this law known as Every Child Needs Two, takes effect. Its mission: to restore dignity, strength and prosperity to American families. Unmarried persons will be legally prohibited from adopting children.
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