The Last Tiger by Tony Black

The Last Tiger

Tony Black

This book is extraordinary. Tony Black writes with a vigour and compassion for the fate of the Tasmanian tiger that is rarely matched. We see the events unfold through the eyes of Myko, a young boy, forced from his homeland of Lithuania by Tsarist oppression. In Tasmania, Mylo’s father takes work with the settlers to deal with the ‘pest’ that is the tiger, bringing him into conflict with his son. A bold story – and an absolute treat.

The dogs kept their heads low, hoping to find a familiar trail, perhaps a black goose or a dusky moorhen, anything but the tiger's fearsome scent. They whimpered, making desperate glances to their masters, but they earned scoldings for their cowardice and were once again forced in upon the task.

'Seek, seek,' was roared out now, and this time the dogs gave in to the command. I watched, knowing that my tiger's fate was nearing.
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