Hey Nostradamus! by Douglas Coupland

Hey Nostradamus!

Douglas Coupland

Following the long-term aftermath of a high school massacre, the story is told in four parts, narrated by four different yet closely connected characters. For a relatively small volume, this book covers some big themes: love, death, God, family, identity. However, because Coupland writes in a very accessible, contemporary voice and there are moments of light relief; the book is never heavy going or pretentious and is an enjoyable read. I found it very moving and stimulating - food for both the heart and mind.

You won't see me in any of the photographs after the massacre - you know the ones I mean: the wire service shots of the funerals, students felt-penning teenage poetry on Cheryl's casket; teenage prayer groups in sweats and scrunchies huddled on the school's slippery gym floor; 6.30 a.m. prayer breakfasts in the highway off-ramp chain restaurants, with all the men wearing ties while dreaming of hash browns. I'm in none of them, and if you had seen me, I sure wouldn't have been praying.
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