Gillespie and I by Jane Harris

Gillespie and I

Jane Harris

Glasgow - the Great Exhibition of 1888 - provides the starting point for a tale of mayhem in the art world, remembered in the tranquillity of old age. That is, if a child abduction can ever be remembered in tranquillity. Jane Harris cleverly draws you into a tale of incredible horror, through the memoirs of Harriet Baxter. You will have to work out for yourself how many of the protagonists are actually mad.

As the music bounded along, I picked at my food and gazed across the table towards the birdcage on the sideboard. Layla stood, motionless, on the edge of the china feed bowl, her head cocked to one side, listening, and Maj, bless him, soon began to twitter and accompaniment to the piano notes, although of course, he made up his own melody.
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