Bear Me Over Safely by Sheri Joseph

Bear Me Over Safely

Sheri Joseph

Paul is a vulnerable young man who inspires fear and hatred, love and loyalty in equal measure. He is befriended by Sidra, his stepbrother's girlfriend, who is not much older than him but seems to offer some stability in his life. This is a quirky and appealing story.

She took a few running steps to keep him in her line of vision. That was all, she thought, just to keep that close. As long as she could see him, he'd be safe. Whole caravans of Greene County boys might throw whatever garbage was handy, but no one would lay a hand on him. No car would stop. But she saw, too, how a man who knew what he wanted might snatch Paul up so fast .... Desperate she quickened her pace, running five steps, walking five, trying to separate herself from the pain in her feet.
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