Last Friends by Jane Gardam

Last Friends

Jane Gardam

The 'Last Friends' are now nearing 90 and are still the feather-headed ingenue and annoying onlooker they always were. Or are they? Whether you are in your 10th decade yourself, or have a parent, grand or great-grandparent who is, I thoroughly recommend this novel - the last in a great trilogy.

But when Fiscal-Smith's reply had not arrived by Friday, Dulcie began to think again how much he irritated her. She knew she had hurt him by sending him home, but , after all, she had not invited him. It was that supply of clean shirts she'd seen in the case she could not forget. The image brought others: his ease the night before with her drinks cupboard, his arrogance in the church .... (he) need not have looked so RC and smug.
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