In Ascension by  Martin MacInnes

In Ascension

Martin MacInnes

Jaw-dropping and intellectually daring; profound in both the stellar and oceanic vastness of the backdrop as well as the minutiae of nature and human emotion, this book intrigues and haunts. I'm still tingling with the evocative detail and rich atmosphere, written with poetry and humanity and in-depth science that absorbs and feels so much more than fiction.


   ‘This is Datura. It appeared a little over five years ago. It immediately shot to the front of Tier 1. We had never seen anything like it. As an asteroid, it was completely anomalous. And early indications suggested it was on a collision course with Earth.’

   I went to speak but my mouth was dry. My lips hung open stupidly, as I failed to ask the question.

   ‘Fortunately, both our assumptions proved to be wrong. It isn’t on course for Earth. And it isn’t an asteroid.’

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