Kick the Animal Out by Veronique Ovalde

Kick the Animal Out

Veronique Ovalde

I was fascinated by Rose's attempts to make sense of her world and create a history for herself and her mother. She weaves such a marvellous story - it should be true. Despite the sadness this is a wonderfully funny and warm book.


My father, Mr Loyal, took exemplary care of me after my mother disappeared.
She's gone, he told me soberly when I got back to the apartment after my time in the hospital, where I had been so good that the psychologists had had no choice but to prescribe me some pills, some rest, and weekly counseling sessions. She's gone, he said in the same way he might have said, I've forgotten to put the laundry away, or wouldn't you rather have vanilla and macadamia nut?

  • The Dream Maker by Mika Haugaard
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

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