13 Hours by Narinder Dhami

13 Hours

Narinder Dhami

Are all their worst nightmares coming true for 12 year-old Anni Rai and her disabled mother in this frighteningly credible story covering just '13 Hours'? I picked the book up, presumably misfiled, in the adult section of the library and am really pleased that I did. I found it a great read and will be recommending it to all my reading friends over the age of 10.

Inside Mum's room the two of us collapse onto the sofa and hold each close. A memory flashes into my head of Mum hugging me after a fall when I was a toddler - now things have reversed: I'm the grown-up and she's a child seeking comfort. But I'm also drawing strength from the feel of my mum.... We need each other to get through this.
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