Thimio's House by John Kefala Kerr

Thimio's House

John Kefala Kerr

Fish, and his troubled girlfriend Gabrielle, escape to Thimio’s house in Greece where they reside with other lost souls. Together, they form a disjointed community which Fish attempts to shape into a new Republic. A surreal plot-line with elements of the fantastical, I found it difficult at times to know what to believe. Gabrielle’s ability to heal adds a spiritual quality to a story that places music very much at its core.

Fish realised he could still escape if he wanted to, because the monk hadn’t spotted him yet. But he craved clarification. He needed someone to explain to him the ins and outs of fatherhood, and what the significance of the sweet water was, whether an ant could be resurrected or not, and what the feud with Thimio had been all about.
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