The Faithful Couple by A D Miller

The Faithful Couple

A D Miller

This story isn't quite a bromance, though it starts as one, but an examination of what happens when friendship is betrayed. Neil doesn't know that Adam let him down early in their relationship and remorse eats at Adam as the friends' fortunes go into reverse through the nineties and noughties. Re-living those times, my tension mounted as I waited for the revelation and fall-out, all the while touched by the boys' sorry family details.

If this friendship was a proposition that crossed Adam's desk, and he were coldly weighing the costs and benefits, he might deem himself irrational for spending so much time on it. No money, no sex; no tangible pay-off of any kind. Friendship was a luxury in any utilitarian calculus, and yet without it, without Neil, his life would be thin.
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