The Chimes by Anna Smaill

The Chimes

Anna Smaill

Set in London in the future after the infrastructure has been destroyed by a cataclysmic disaster. The citizens are forbidden to remember their past, the written world has been abolished and their lives are ruled by music. The language is both poetical and mystical and infused with musical references. Poetry lovers and fantasy lovers should enjoy it. A challenging but worthwhile read.

It's the melody simple first. We follow in solfege. Hands in concert as the sky is carved by it: Soh Fah Me Doh Ray Me Soh Fah Me Ray Doh Doh Soh Soh. Then the melody is repeated, but turned upside down. Then it comes again, but up an octave and another voice takes the inverted melody and they weave together. The chords wash over. They clean and centre me. The weight of the tonic goes down my spine and into the ground.
Follow the melody through its variations, through its opening and flowering. It tells of harmony and beauty. It tells of beauty wider than any of us. My mind opens with it and everything there is in the world is shown in perfect order in the music. There is no space for any other thought.
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