Song for an Approaching Storm by Peter Fröberg Idling

Song for an Approaching Storm

Peter Fröberg Idling

A love triangle that vibrantly portrays the transition from poetic daydreamer to brutal despot. This sweat-stained novel vividly encapsulates the Cambodian political intrigue resulting in a legacy of trauma in an evocative atmosphere that makes your blood run cold. The three distinct voices tell a strikingly human tale that is both mysterious and frightening.


You are lying in the dark and you no longer know whether your eyes are open or closed, and her silence is a storm roaring through your soul, a storm which tears loose everything you value and carries it along before hurling it out into meaninglessness. You get a sense of a smooth pond with greenery crowding right down to the edge of the water. That smooth water is her silence. Strong hands are pushing your face down beneath the surface and until now you have managed with increasing desperation to hold your breath, but tonight will see the unavoidable violent intake of breath. But it will only mean agonizing pain, without bringing an end to the breathlessness.

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  • Map of Lost Memories by Kim Fay

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